Ottogee provides decision-makers with easy to use tools to get the right people, in the right place, doing their best work.


Automate Management

Save time with automated attendance tracking, timekeeping, and overtime regulation.

Quantify Performance

Measure productivity rates for teams and individuals. Verify subcontractor compliance and hold them accountable.

Act Decisively

Adjust plans based on performance metrics. Optimize crew composition. Strategically allocate resources.

Automated Timesheets

Get Rid of the Clock
Regulate overtime costs and understand its drivers. Oversee subcontractor performance and validate compliance. Ottogee automatically generates timesheets for each worker, telling you when and where they've been working -- or not working.

Productivity Metrics

Quantify Resource Performance
Improve project plans and esimates with accurate productivity rates -- for each worker, team, and trade. Prevent schedule overruns by adjusting plans based on continual data analysis. Reduce equipment cost and overhead by monitoring utilization rates.

Resource Optimization

Maximize Efficiency
Smooth mobilization processes and increase efficiency with data-driven resource allocation. Facilitate the flow of insights between site and central offices with shared cloud-based dashboards. Improve management of tools and consumables with continual tracking.

Efficient Productivity Tools



Empower project managers with tools to plan activities, create work orders, assign supervisors, and allocate resources with optimal efficiency.


Quickly schedule workers to complete planned activities while recommending actions to improve performance.


Map worksites and see where workers spend their time and where they are right now.

Changing Orders

Monitor and report change-order implementation and provide evidence for claims.

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